Last Offshore Paradise/Hannibal Bank toTropic Star

September 11th, 2012

OK boys and Girls…11 day excursion fishing the “last offshore paradise”.Nov 29/Dec.10,2012
Day 1…the Volcano(Burica Seamount)…This remote spot on the CR/Panama border has yielded some of our biggest Marlin..
Day 2.Run to Banko Hannibal/Night fish Isla Montuosa,Panama….Fill up the livewell and food for the voyage..
Day 3..the Rips/west of Montuosa…Released 7 Blacks and Blues,Jan 10′.Night fish Isla Jicaron (huge Cubera)
Day 4.Marlin fish the “Rocks” west of Isla Jicarita.Pacific Sails and Blacks.Bait and Switch/on fly and spinners with braid.Night run to Cebaco Bay anchorage.
Day 5 Isla Cebaco/refuel from the Barge…Fish Black Marlin @ world famous Agura Reef.Night run to Tropic Star,Pinas Bay on the Columbia border.
Day 6…Tropic Star Lodge/chill at the pool and cocktails at the Guy Harvey Bar…
Day 7…Live bait yellowfin at Zane Grey reef and hunt for his Majesty/the Big Black…
Day 8…Same program…night run to Cebaco/refuel.
Day 9/ Hannibal Bank/night fish for Swords…
Day 11..Home to Golfito….
Estimated share/5000 a man…Chris Davis and Bob Wolpert are in/looking for 2 more(only) Hardcore anglers…..

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