Thumper Bluewater Expeditions

October 12th, 2014

Our new Facebook page is up.Hope you visit and look forward to upcoming fishing season.We are going to concentrate on light tackle conventional and FLY on the Bill Fish to take advantage of our prolific fishery.Very excited to get offshore with old friends and share the bounty with fellow afflicted Bill Fishermen…..and women….

Golfito Dec. fishing report

January 1st, 2013

By the second week it got wild….Capt. Bobby McG. had a Black die on him that went 945 lbs..An unusual large # of Blacks was the chat on the dock.On the 17th a school of 140/160+lbs. yellowfin was located 21 off to our small fleet’s delight….Schools of smaller yellowfin were always available closer in under the spinner dolphins….Gaffer Mahi were very strong from 8 miles out all month…Sailfishing was spotty but when found double digit scores were common.The real deal was the very consistent Marlin (Blacks and Blues) bite that prevailed all month at the traditional locales.January is traditionally when we have the largest sails of the year as the spawn is on at the Burica grounds….Capt. Abraham Conception(see video this page) has set us up with his latest billfish fly’s…Come get some….

happy new year

December 31st, 2012

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Abraham Conception…world record Marlin on fly…Golfito

September 30th, 2012

Record Blue One

September 23rd, 2012

Monday,Sept 17….44 miles offshore Nicaragua….Huge fish…Got out 600 before we caught up…fought up top and gave us a shot.Ronny (el curvo) Calvo with the’s soon come….Missed a smaller fish early…Also Melanie released a sail and had a couple of nice gaffers…

Tuesday….Off Carrillo CR to Suenos grounds….steady sails in the spread all day…no marlin raised…no meat….

Wednesday….Arrived Papa Bank half hour before first light…Seas very calm…Set marlin spread after breakfast and immediately found acres of Bonito in residence.Conditions perfect and marlin attacked the spread average of 1 an hour with a double…Nice class of 300/400 lbs. catchable fish on our standup gear..Melanie fought and released her first big Blue.We love Sept….3 days/700 mile trip/never saw another fishing rig.See archive Sept.2011 for last years action….

2 Responses to “Record Blue One”

  • On September 26th John Green said:

    Congrats to Melanie on her first Blue! That’s oustanding. Sounds like paradise, fishing by one’s self, catching fish, and having good company to enjoy it with!! Can’t wait to see the additional photos.

  • On September 29th Anne Dana said:

    Congrats! That is fantastic. Great trip!You guys will have some exciting stories to tell us when we return from our epic bike trip to Montana/Idaho in Oct.

Last Offshore Paradise/Hannibal Bank toTropic Star

September 11th, 2012

OK boys and Girls…11 day excursion fishing the “last offshore paradise”.Nov 29/Dec.10,2012
Day 1…the Volcano(Burica Seamount)…This remote spot on the CR/Panama border has yielded some of our biggest Marlin..
Day 2.Run to Banko Hannibal/Night fish Isla Montuosa,Panama….Fill up the livewell and food for the voyage..
Day 3..the Rips/west of Montuosa…Released 7 Blacks and Blues,Jan 10′.Night fish Isla Jicaron (huge Cubera)
Day 4.Marlin fish the “Rocks” west of Isla Jicarita.Pacific Sails and Blacks.Bait and Switch/on fly and spinners with braid.Night run to Cebaco Bay anchorage.
Day 5 Isla Cebaco/refuel from the Barge…Fish Black Marlin @ world famous Agura Reef.Night run to Tropic Star,Pinas Bay on the Columbia border.
Day 6…Tropic Star Lodge/chill at the pool and cocktails at the Guy Harvey Bar…
Day 7…Live bait yellowfin at Zane Grey reef and hunt for his Majesty/the Big Black…
Day 8…Same program…night run to Cebaco/refuel.
Day 9/ Hannibal Bank/night fish for Swords…
Day 11..Home to Golfito….
Estimated share/5000 a man…Chris Davis and Bob Wolpert are in/looking for 2 more(only) Hardcore anglers…..

on standup,spinners with braid,or fly

August 25th, 2012

His Majesty the Black….Burica Seamount….Jan.11,2012….Released


July 20th, 2012

Hey friends….I have been amiss posting to the site…The SLACK is abuzz with activity getting ready for the party.Campsites will be available starting Thursday…Also Thursday nite we will be running a full test of all systems.Anyone who has the time,stop by.Starting Mon. evening we will be working every evening on final prep…If you want to help,you are welcome…Adult beverages and food will be available….

5 Responses to “INTAGEDDON….Sat.July28/29”

  • On July 20th Eric and Donna Probst said:

    I guess the way things are going to work out, Daonna and I will have to be of more help on the aftermath! I have a backhoe if you need to bury anything or anyone! Eric

  • On July 24th Harry said:

    yes…you can bring your own guns…range open noon to 2 only….Archery, open all afternoon

  • On July 24th Harry said:

    campers …bring rain gear,camp chairs and hula hoops…jelly shooters would make good dessert…..a flashlight would make sense so you don’t trip over bodies….David kegel has breakfast….Vegetarians can forage in the woods

  • On July 26th Donna probst said:

    Harry, sooo excited for Intageddon!! Eric and I are planning to stop over Thurs. afternoon. guess we’ll find out what we can bring then. can’t wait to see everyone!! Love ya, Donna and Eric

  • On July 29th Terre Hillery said:

    Hey Harry–THANK YOU!! What an EXCELLENT party–Tommy and I had a ball!!! XXOO Terre

Pretty as a (couple hundred) pictures…

June 13th, 2012

Click here to upload pictures of your favorite Inta memories! They will all be compiled and rolling on the big screen during Intageddon. Thanks!

El Sal to Golfito

May 19th, 2012

leaving day after Memorial Day…5 day trip…Last year this trip with Chris Davis we raised 36 Marlin….Need some help….Call me