Coon Swamp Revisited

May 1st, 2012

Outrageous trip with Don and Eric turkey hunting with the Virginia cousins…

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Kune Kune

May 1st, 2012

The pigs are flying at the Slack….3 more breeders to come

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  • On May 9th DONALD NOLT said:

    I can hear the sizzle. I like mine well done.

Thumper news

April 18th, 2012

Visiting Paradise Fishing Lodge in ElSalvador.Old friends John and Louise Carey’s (Carey’s Diesel service,Lewis,Del.)fabulous home…Just installed new 21KW Gen set to replace the old 8KW which couldn’t keep up with the power demands since we have added freezers,watermaker,ice machines etc.This will make the extended trips to Hannibal Bank and Tropic Star Panama much less stressful…The 15KW will now be spare.Leaving end first week May for Golfito and will fish our way down…(Dave Nolt you in?)Intageddon is July 28,29 at the Slack….All of Inta’s friends are welcome….Let’s party
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Capt. Jose Wejebe

April 7th, 2012

Old friend and fishing mentor from the early “Key West” days…Killed in a solo plane crash in the Everglades yesterday….Con Dios Spanish Fly……
Jose’s Tribute Page

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  • On April 11th Bobbbb said:

    Bummer about Jose. What a character! Remember the year the sailfish bite was off the charts in KW; we couldn’t find enough boats for everyone to fish…and Jose was taking the ESPN crew SHARK fishing…What a bubba!….He posted a picture a few weeks ago of Rush fighting a fish, and I wrote to him and asked why Rush is always the one catching the fish…his reply…”Bob, somebody has to take the pictures.” I’ll miss his shows…he was in my living room every Sunday morning for years. Tight Lines, Spanish Fly….

Golfito CR bill fishing report March 2012

April 7th, 2012

Marlin bite still slow…A few shots a day mostly on the deep banks,Hannibal Bank good in spots..Local sail fishing took off as the month progressed…Best bites were 20 plus off the beach to 35 miles out…Mostly to the East,Punta Blanco to Burica on the Panama border out….Suenos fleet running 50 plus for meager results.Thumper leaving Tues. for El Salvador for a month to try some new water.Papagalos should be turning on about now.NO FOOD FISH offshore.Tuna,Mahi very scarce even if you find the spinners.Inshore excellent.Beto has been on the Roosters (best day 5) and an assorted catch of groupers,Pargo and Black Snook on the “INTA”.Night bite at Fish Hook Marina dock THE social event for the traveling offshore fraternity… June was our best Marlin bite last year…Got some hardcores coming down for a shot….

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  • On April 15th Harry said:

    Thumper had a blue one yesterday off the El Sal/Nicaragua border…Today a new 21 KW gen….That ought to run the live well…

Turn your rig into a FAD

March 28th, 2012

Golfito which in Jan. was the hottest Marlin bite in the world,has been very slow since….Now in the last few weeks we have had a reasonable sail fish run…Dozen shots a day for the average boat.The way we maximize our shots on Thumper is to end the day in our best water.We then set up the hydro glow and other light sources and drift to concentrate the bait.We have a large capacity live well and seed the drift with google eyes,runners,herring etc. …At first light we set it up and run 1/2 mile circles around the drift line and will usually see a half dozen fish in the spread that first magic hour while the rest of the fleet is running.

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  • On April 3rd Michael Hurrell said:

    Overnight is magic at sea. Catch and release a Sail after only 10 minutes awake is way better than Café. Those waters are so wild!

Brothers in Arms

March 17th, 2012

My world awaits those with the burn….The bite has been tough.But it’s there, world class,for those ready to go to sea and pursue it.We are now getting 2/3 shots a day on Marlin….Weds. morning 81 miles out we had a monster come up on the right short and couldn’t close the deal…Set it up…we’ll get the next one.Meanwhile we are practicing other aspects of the sport…We have a good sailfish bite right now on the Marlin grounds…We are seeing 100 lbs. plus fish in the baits on an average of 1 an hour.We are now fighting the majority of our fish on Penn braid spinning rigs.

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  • On March 24th Maya said:

    Sweet rooster Charlie!

  • On March 25th Patty said:

    We need an update, it has been a week. Have you been fishing w/ Mike & Toddy? Tell Lydia I miss her sweet smile.

  • On March 26th Harry said:

    Mon.1AM…fired up and off to the Burica seamount for an encounter of the best kind at dawn

  • On April 5th linda deibler said:

    that’s CHARLIE !!!! excellent picture harry 🙂 love you guys, linda d


March 16th, 2012

Borders are always a “grey area”at sea especially when you are chasing tail…In the end all a man has is face and balls.But officers,I’m sure we were on our side when we hooked up.We’ve been fighting this Marlin for 2 hours and must have got turned around. Oh, you don’t speak English?Gringo tourist, no habla.But I’ll bet this case of ice cold Budwiser speaks Spanish…..Have a nice day…Pura Vida….

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  • On March 16th Maya said:

    Bud always saves the day.

  • On March 16th Michael Hurrell said:

    I wonder how far we could get for a case of SLACKBREW?

  • On March 16th Jeremy Scriber said:

    Do I need to bring down some delicious NW Microbrew?

  • On March 16th Harry said:

    Easy now, we don’t want to upset the established pay they’ll want our women….

  • On March 18th Michael Hurrell said:

    That’s why you are in charge of assets management

  • On March 20th Tommy James said:

    Hey Harry,

    We’ve never met but we might have been cut from the same cloth. My number one passion (after my wife and kids)
    is fishing. There are two anglers heading your way, one of them has a water pump, other boat parts, and deep desire to fish with his friend. The other (Bert) would love to fish, chase women, and drink beer. Maybe not in that order. Anyway I hope they arrive safely and find you in good spirits. Fish on.

    Fellow Angler
    Tommy James

    P.S. Will be in tamarindo in July 12-24

The boys are back in town

March 13th, 2012

Dos Rosas and Prima Donna (President of Panama Martinelli’s yacht)arrived today to join the bill fishing….Typhoon, Tudor Jones yacht started today.Capt. j.W Teal on Last Stall is working Cebaco to the East ..Tysons Pride is at Hannibal.The owner boats are here,no charters….Full report on return to Golfito Friday.Got the A team on board Thumper….Bring It…..

Golfito CR Feb 2012 Bill Fishing report

March 10th, 2012

feb. very slow….red tide moved the sailfish bite to Panama.The Suenos fleet found the deep Marlin seamount.Bite still there,but a few a day not 10/20…Blue Bird had 17 sail releases yesterday as red tide has subsided and fish are cycling back to us…Capt. Tom Lynskey on Uno Mas is here and Capt Lee on Bud Man starts Mon…Thumper returns to the quest Tues….Cebaco very slow but Montuosa is producing a good mixed bite of Blacks and Blues….Thumper will start working Burica and then troll South along the Panama border to the 23mile seamount ….Take another shot at Inta’s Black…..

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  • On March 10th TODDY said:

    If anyone can find that elusive Black Marlin, I know it will be Thumper and crew. Go get ’em Capt. Harry. I am counting the days, can’t wait to get back to the Paradise around Golfito. Tight lines, Toddy

  • On March 11th Michael Hurrell said:

    Great to see you are on the hunt and in the know. Slackwater tight lines

  • On March 13th Patty said:

    Have lots of good times with your fishing buddies. Please tell Capt. Ron and Beto that I send an hello to them.

  • On April 7th harry glah said:

    Inta is teasing me…Her Black Marlin beat us again….