Feb.8 Inta’s birthday July 28 INTAGEDDON

February 8th, 2012

I now realize time is not going to heal me….Inta, I will love you and cry for the rest of my life.As you wanted ,I will search for a new mate,but that woman will have to be willing to share my heart with you. INTAGEDDON is coming July 28th/29 to Slackwater….This is a mandatory for all Inta’s friends and family….Party will be all day Saturday and Sat.nite…We are constructing an authentic Latvian village,landscaped,flagged,to sleep 80. After Brunch Sunday morning we will stage a Viking raid and burn it to the fuckin’ ground.Spread the word and let’s all get together for a fitting tribute…..good news girls,ravishing and bride taking will be acceptable as is customary in Latvian folklore.

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  • On February 9th tim said:

    sounds like a blast Harry and I know Inta would have wanted it no other way

  • On February 9th Terre said:

    A fitting tribute to Inta and would not miss it for the world!!

  • On February 9th Harry Bogaev said:

    My sincerest condolences – we lost two of the best skirts in the universe.
    Much sorrow in my house
    I feel exactly the same way about Mim as written above. And I wouldn’t miss the intageddon if there was armageddon first….

  • On February 12th Patty said:

    Will be there for the weekend to celebrate Inta’s life…she was a treasure we all miss.

  • On February 13th Judy said:

    I will be there Harry – not the way I had hoped to party with Inta this summer, but we will do it up in grand style – do I need to bring a Brunhelda Helmut with me – all my love, J

  • On March 9th Michael Hurrell said:

    Slackwater will never be the same, but we will carry-on in grand tradition!

  • On March 22nd Hilary Amolins said:

    Zach and I anticipate a tribute worthy of your beloved Latvian soul mate. We’ll bring the Balzams. Sveiks!

  • On April 12th Donna probst said:

    Wow Harry… Intageddon sounds perfect! Just let Eric know there can be NO fuckin auction on that weekend! love you sooo much and we will be in touch. Slackwater will never be the same… Here’s to you Inta!!!!!!

Golfito in the news /Jan 2012

February 1st, 2012

Pacific Mesoamerica is …the battleground….The Blackhawk equipped US Navy and/or US Coast guard are on station 24/7/365 and will immediately dispatch assistance to US Documented vessels on call.Thumper has been and will be boarded at sea.Impeccable paperwork, prepardness and training rules the day.Sober and competent crew and fishermen are essential to ensuring a safe and rewarding experience.The returns are great as the billfish bite is world class by any standard.But if the rules for safety at sea will diminish your adventure,take it somewhere else.Thumper will not tolerate from anyone behavior that put’s the vessel,the crew and our families at risk.Take it or leave it.no exceptions…….If it was easy,everybody would be here…………Welcome to my jungle………….
Golfito News

Golfito,CR. Jan.2012 Billfishing report

January 28th, 2012

Record breaking Marlin bite….Thumper, Kamila and Typhoon have concentrated on the deep seamounts… The Marlin run has been unprecedented… Fish from 250/350 lbs with some big ones mixed in on certain days were like an Atlantic bluefish blitz. Twenty/30 plus Marlin raised normal.Kamilia fished 3 days first light to dark deep at the Potato Bank and raised 86 Marlin.Thumpers record day was last June when we raised 37 .. In tight (11 to 20 miles off) big Pacific Sails are showing at a 20 shot a day rate..Keeps the “Mosquito(Zancudo) fleet working.. Yellowfin and Mahi have been scarce. Inshore, the Rooster bite in the Golfo Dulce is steady with many trophy fish.Golfito has been packed since December with 120 people producing a series of the “Survivor” TV shows.Weather has been awesome….Deep Sea “tranquillo”… Pescador/photographer Jeffery LeFevre put together this slide show of a 5 day expedition trip in January.We did 3 days offshore from the Burica seamount on the Panama border to the 81 mile bump offshore Golfito.Fished 2 days for Roosters in the Golfo.(4 trophy fish)

[portfolio_slideshow size=medium click=magnify]

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  • On January 28th Maya said:

    Sweet slideshow! Those fish sure make you work for your fun. I can’t believe Beto needs a belt…

  • On February 1st Harry said:

    These Marlin will beat the strongest man to death…Even Beto respects that


January 12th, 2012

Total’s for the 3 day trip….24 billfish released…1 Striped,2 Blacks,15 Blue Marlin……6 pacific sails (one over 150 lbs.)….no kills….Raised 35 Marlin per the log.Hooked 23…..Jan.9.Thumper scores her second IGFA Super Slam releasing 4 billfish species in 1 day.
Final 2 days fished inshore….Grande Roosters..cubera..A.J.’s…yummy snappers…..eating good…coming back to life…….

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  • On January 13th John Green said:

    I knew you could make a fisherman out of Sir Jeffrey!!
    Great fishing, Congratulations on the Grand Slam…totally envious in PA!

  • On January 13th Maya said:

    Sounds like Thumper’s got a fishing fairy…

  • On January 14th Patty said:

    You tagged Inta’s black…fantastic. Love reading your commentary.

  • On January 14th Harry said:

    no Patty,Inta’s Burica Black escaped me..the others weren’t worthy..Soon come

  • On January 15th Chris said:

    Jeff and I got back from Thumper paradise last night!

    Another amazing trip with Harry and the Thumper team. Offshore was incredible again but the inshore was an added bonus this trip. Four huge roosters (40 lb class)plus a big amberjack and some good eating bottom fish.

    Jeff got his first,second,third etc. blue marlin, first Pacific sail and his first Amberjack. Not bad for his first trip to Golfito!

    Thanks Harry!

  • On January 17th Patty said:

    Inta will send one your way that is worthy of her.

  • On January 19th Hilary Amolins said:

    Hi Harry:
    Love reading your dispatches from the deep blue even though I’m not a fishing afficionado. Keep writing dude. And check out the link at the bottom of my home page! Pura Vida y Sveiks!

  • On January 20th Joshua A. said:

    Nice rooster harr!
    Hope the next will be even better.

  • On January 22nd Maya said:

    Sweet dancing marlin!

  • On January 24th Mike Hurrell said:

    Nice Bro!
    I’m gathering then troops for some March madness!


January 12th, 2012

I’m standing the 4AM watch.1 nite after the full.81 miles at sea on a swordfish drift…5AM,the moon is setting as first light is coming…the sea is dead calm…a lone frigate bird drifts overhead…the moment of universal balance..awesome vibe….I’m feeling so privileged…so alive…Chris comes up to the bridge….He feels it too..I say “I must write about this”.He say’s “no,there are no words”.He’s right………6AM it’s game time..We fire it up and set the marlin rig…6:25 billfish in the spread……Game on !!!!
For day 1 fishing report see comment “harry”,previous post Hardcore/Offshore…..

hardcore/offshore I need it bad

January 6th, 2012

At 3AM Saturday morning Thumper leaves Golfito for a 4/5 day deep ocean hunt.My team are anglers Chris Davis and Jeffrey LeFevre.Crew is Capt. Sean Schumacker of Boca,Thumper’s pescador/wireman Beto Vargas and waterman Ronny Calvo (el curvo).Our initial target will be the Burica Seamount on the Panama border.Our quarry will be His Majesty the Black Marlin which we will hunt down,catch and release to swim free.This one will have my mate Inta’s tag to roam the warm,blue pacific waters she fished and loved.

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  • On January 7th Erica Werner said:

    Harry, Received your email and was saddened to hear of Inta’s passing. I did not know she was ill. I am so sorry for your loss. I know she was as much a part of you as you were of her. The loss of someone so dear is heartbreaking. When you come “home” and have a celebration of her life I would love to be notified and would be humbled to come. I printed out your email and will send it to Kerby. I know he will also be very saddened to hear.
    My heart goes out to both families on your loss. I have not seen or spoken to Selga in decades but my thoughts are with both of you as you grieve. All my love and respect Erica

  • On January 7th Tamara Nolt said:

    Good luck boys! Here’s to the black marlin that will carry Inta’s honor…Tami

  • On January 7th Michael Hurrell said:

    Hardcore! Go get her!

  • On January 7th TODDY said:

    Today I watched a beautiful sunrise, and my thoughts were once again with my friends in Golfito. I opened my photo and and the first picture I viewed was that of a released from harm giant sea turtle. That surely is a sign for a good catch and release trip! Tight lines with a salute to Inta’s black marlin… Toddy

  • On January 8th Harry said:

    Thumper and crew has cleared port. 2:30am. Billlfish bite strong 21 off punta blanco. Report on return

  • On January 8th Melanie said:

    Smooth seas and great fishing!

  • On January 8th Maya said:

    You know how stubborn she was Dad…I won’t be surprised if that black proves to be a bit…elusive.

  • On January 8th Barb and Bob Simpson said:

    Harry good luck. That black marlin will be honored to wear Inta’s tag.She will be happy.

  • On January 10th Michael Hurrell said:

    It had to told Maya

  • On January 11th Harry said:

    We’re on the quest.Deep blue water engulf’s us as we troll towards the Burica volcano were I know Inta’s Black await’s.A pin snaps,7:30,left long,Blue one,300Lbs. class,screams the Penn 50..Jeffery rigs up and 20 minutes later,Beto has the bill.Set it up,stay the course.Crash,8:10, same rig.Another Blue one,bigger fish,smoke and chaos in the pit.Capt.Sean’s up top yelling clear,clear,clear,we gotta go,gotta go.Chris is calling out the yardage…three…..four….five hundred. 7/8 the spool is toast before we catch up.Chris has this.8:25,bill in hand.Twenty minutes out,I’m tingling with anticpation…..Water goes green…We’re there…Nothing…2 spins around the submerged crater…no bait,no current,no birds,sonar empty,It’s green….It’s dead….I’m weakened….Crew backs off…I’m alone in the pit…..And then I see her….10 yards out angling in from the bow at warp speed towards the right short.She’s got it,serious Black one….I jab the rod 3 times,hard,trying to bury the 12/0 Mustad Super Marlin.With total indifference to the 24 lbs. of drag,She screams off towards Panama.She’s smokin’ me.And then in a heartbeat….silence…..She’s lost..I’m stunned…..left alone starring out to an empty sea……Inta’s Marlin can’t be gone…I’ve come so far….Then,I smiled as in my mind’s eye she whispers,”you thought I’d be easy”…..”Silly man,come back again”…..”stronger”…My crew is scrambling around me….Beto yell’s “set it up”….I shout back.”pull it,we’re outo’ here”…..

  • On January 12th John Green said:

    Harry, GREAT action!!! And I know everyone who can’t be there feels like I do, that I was virtually right there with your descriptive play by play. A sincere THANK-YOU!!
    Bent rods and tight lines..hail Inta!

  • On January 12th TODDY said:

    Harry, just like J Green said, as I read I felt as though I was right there on the tower watching the action play out. What a rush! Golfito is definetly beckoning me back. Toddy

  • On January 13th Mike Hurrell said:

    Great stories from great fishermen!

Update Snicker Monsters

January 2nd, 2012

Added a sweet video that was sent to me from my friends James and Julie of their recent trip down. Check it out.
Snicker Monsters

One Response to “Update Snicker Monsters”

  • On January 7th Paul Australia said:

    The Aussie’s have a saying which is so appropriate:
    “Inta possessed a fine kind of madness”
    This is the highest praise I can give. You will be missed so much.God Speed Inta. Donna & I are sad.Very sad.
    Harry, it’s up to you the torch
    Love You!

Selga vs. Rooster 12/18/11

December 28th, 2011

Family fun on Thumper

6 Responses to “Selga vs. Rooster 12/18/11”

  • On December 28th Patty said:

    Great catch…thanks for the memory!

  • On December 28th Selga said:

    Dear Harry, I feel that I should be considered for a position on your tournament team. As you can see my exemplary fishing performance, albeit virgin one, I am an exceptional natural talent. If nothing else I will provide the crew with ongoing enthusiasm (my personal specialty) and Latvian humor. These are essential qualities for a winning team. Looking forward to your response. Love you Harry! Remember you are my “warrior hero”. Selga

  • On December 28th Mike Hurrell said:

    Great rooster!

  • On December 29th Donna said:

    Way to go Selga!!!! I was wondering what the hell a rooster was. I definitely think Harry should give you a shot as his 1st mate or fishing buddy whatever! God Bless you guys!

  • On December 31st Admin said:

    Here’s a link to the longer version of this epic fight.

  • On December 31st Jeremy Scriber said:


Pelagic Week..Billfish/gamefish/inshore Jan.17/22

December 25th, 2011

The Triple Crown comes to Golfito…Let’s get a team together…Fish 4 offshore/2 inshore days straight.Hardcores only……..Legends of Billfishing now ranks 6th of all Bill Fish sites on the web…keep the photo’s and video’s coming……..

6 Responses to “Pelagic Week..Billfish/gamefish/inshore Jan.17/22”

  • On December 25th Josh said:

    Got room for three?
    Sounds like a fun trip.

  • On December 25th Harry said:

    Love you guys,but this one’s over your current
    skill level…pick another date and log in some quality offshore practice days.

  • On December 25th tim said:

    can i play

  • On December 25th Harry said:

    you’re one of the pro’s I was looking for…got Doc Charles committed…I’ll work on the Texans and some of the other afflicted.I’ll run the rig and stay out of your way….Loco Sancocho

  • On December 25th Maya said:

    Way to get back on the proverbial horse papa. Fish on!

  • On December 26th Tim said:

    John green is very good as well i tought him to but he listened unlike some others i have tried


December 18th, 2011

This morning at first light my Henry and Maya, my sister Patty,Inta’s sister Selga with Ronny and Beto headed out to perform our last tribute to Inta….We ran to Zancudo on Thumper and stopped off her beach house and had a bamboo bowl which we had filled with our collected Inta “essense”.We lite the pire and with flowers ,,floated it off her beach.I thought I was cried out,but no,I was a mess.It was beautiful and we hung on to each other as in the tradition of the Viking funeral it burned and the ashes spewed out into the sea.We had a few hours so we headed to Beto’s favorite Rooster rock and Selga caught the biggest Rooster of the year….Inta had saved one big one for her sister.Our hearts heavy but happy we headed in to Golfito and took pictures of Inta’s resting spot from the water .slideshow Inta 2011….. video to soon come….

[portfolio_slideshow size=medium]

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  • On December 19th Donna said:

    Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate an amazing woman. Harry will you be coming back to Lancaster and will there be any Memorial service for Inta? Would you like donations in lieu of flowers sent to Inta’s favorite charities? I wish I could be there with you. Love to the Family and a big hug to all of you.

  • On December 19th Jean Hake said:

    Harry what a beautiful tribute to Inta, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers

  • On December 19th Yana said:

    Dear Harry, Maya, Henry and Selga,

    My heart goes out to all of you. The celebration of Inta’s life sounds wonderful and your memories of Inta will for-
    ever stay with you. Inta was a delight for all who knew her. How can we honor Inta? Your wonderful memories of Inta will help you in the days and months to come.

    I’ll be thinking of you. Love, Yana

  • On December 20th Kathleen McDonald said:

    Thanks, Harry, for sharing this moving description of yesterday. I love you. Kathy

  • On December 21st Tom Eisemann said:

    thinking of you Harry

  • On December 21st Dotti Kegel Cullinan said:

    Dear Harry,
    I’m so sorry to hear of Inta’s passing. Your tribute to her is just beautiful. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Dotti

  • On December 24th Maya said:

    The photos are beautiful. I love you.

  • On December 25th Ron & Mim Gieg said:

    Work like you don’t need the money…..
    Love like you’ve never been hurt….
    Dance like nobody is watching….
    Sing like nobody’s listening….
    And live like it’s Heaven on Earth!

    Love to all …

    Ron & Mim

  • On December 26th randy coyle said:

    After a stunning Viking tribute the First Lady of the Hardcores has been laid to rest.

  • On December 27th Melanie said:

    Beautiful – a striking tribute

  • On December 27th Patty said:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures…the little yellow birds were looking in on Inta everyday…she thought they might be her parents waiting to fly her away with them.

  • On December 27th Judy said:

    Forever in my heart Inta is a part of my being so sad. All my love Judy ps sounds like the perfect Bon voyage for Inta Xi

  • On December 31st Eileen (Schober) Hurlburt said:

    I am so sorry to hear about Inta’s passing. I am an old Eden Manor friend of Inta and graduated with Inta from C.V in 1966. Inta and I used to run around together when we were teenagers and were part of the “Eden Manor Crew”. I remember Inta being a free spirit. She apparently continued living her life in that free spirit kind of way. She was a great person and it saddened me to read about her passing today. I hope the many memories you have of Inta heal the pain you are feeling now. Please accept my sincere sympathy.

  • On January 7th Tina McBride said:

    Dear Harry,

    I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved, Inta. I remember her as gentle and kind person. We also lost our beloved Hensley Walters, Dracula las April… so, they are are now forever seared in our hearts. God Bless you, Harry….keep on fishing! Your friend, Tina McBride